14 Feb

6 Quick Tips on Car Restoration

So, you are not a professional mechanic. Neither do you have an auto body shop. You are neither a dealer in auto parts nor automobiles. But you know quite a bit about cars. And you also have a thing for vehicles. You have also picked up this uncanny urge to restore vehicles. This piece may just be for you.

  1. First you need to select a good candidate. All vehicles can be modified or restored. But some are better candidates than others. Your decision on the vehicle you want to work on will depend on your budget, what is available and why you actually want to carry out the restoration. Candidate selection however is key. Some classic vehicles have taken on legendary reputations and are always respected irrespective of where they are seen. I suggest you select one of these.
  2. Making an oldie reliable. If your selected option is pretty old and you intend to use it on a daily or regular basis, there is a lot of value in changing out certain components to slightly more modern versions. The limit of what you can do here will be driven by compatibility. I suggest you invest in a new engine where possible as the skill sets required to maintain your old classic engine may not be available
  3. Making an oldie presentable: for cars that have already achieved iconic status, you may have to pay a premium to acquire them. However a simple high quality paint job and minor upholstery upgrade could put your oldie back on the road. As much as possible, sticking to original body parts, help preserve that iconic flare. Be sure to check that compatible parts with your oldie are readily available else you may get tired and abandon your project half way.
  4. Getting inspired: Beginning with the end in mind is wisdom on restoration projects. Restoring vehicles affords you the opportunity to recreate the past or a hybrid of the past and the present. There are many enthusiasts who have done stuff similar to what you are trying to do. Spend some time searching on the internet and after some time you will build enough of the picture you want to create with your project
  5. Get help: For each stage you will need a competent technician to help you. If you can get someone to buy into your project and take it slow, you could end up delivering your vision for a reasonable budget. They would also bring some key insights you may not have in bringing your project to life.
  6. Making money: Making profit from vehicle restoration is possible, but you have to do your home work. This is a niche market where buyers have the opportunity to buy brand new cars for prices less than what could be your project cost. The key here is to select a car or project that has a high emotional value where buyers will be willing to pay more for the opportunity to own a part of the past you are resurrecting. You may also target industries that may need classics to create certain scenes. Especially entertainment and show biz.

Ultimately you need to research widely, keep checking around to see what’s possible and eventually, your past time of a hobby could become a main gig for you.

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