07 Feb

Are Airbags as safe as they say?

Airbags are probably the best innovations in automotive safety, but are they as safe as they are said to be? Regardless of the vehicle, airbags can cause harmful damage in many situations. According to recent statistics, airbags have saves a number of lives, but have also caused considerable damage, mostly because they weren’t used properly. Highlighted below are a few situations where airbags can cause damage as well prove useful and this advice is particularly useful if travelling with children.

The first thing to educate yourself is the fact that front airbags are not designed to protect infants or even children, and they can be extremely dangerous to them. Some of the situations that are more dangerous than others are when the child is placed backwards in the front seat or young children in a forward facing position. Furthermore, it is not recommended that you fasten your child with a waist belt and ignore the shoulder belt. Before you think of placing your child in the front seat with or without a dedicated child seat, it is important that they are below the weight limit indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.

So far, Airbags are very great inventions especially in these modern cars and they have helped a lot

Even with airbags, you need to maintain vehicle safety and this is referring to the seat belts in the vehicle. There are certain habits that must be followed when wearing seatbelts such as keeping both feet on the ground, and fastening the seatbelt firmly into place. In order for airbags to work as they are supposed to, seatbelts must be correctly worn. Airbags provide the extra cushion needed in a crash even at high speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

If you’re sitting in the front seat, it is also recommended that you set a safe distance away from the dashboard or the airbags. For drivers, it is best to move the driver’s seat back or just until you are able to reach the steering, front pedals, clutch, and other controls. This applies to shorter drivers as they are closer to the front end of the vehicle, and at a higher risk of injury. Thos in front seat should place their seat belt well over them and so much so that it does not interfere with the airbags deployment dynamics.

Along with good posture and good seatbelt management, it is important for drivers to always keep both hands on the steering wheel while driving or a 10 and 2 position. Your hands should be present on the upper half and the other on either the lower right or left of the steering wheel. Airbags are deployed with the sensors in the event of a crash. This is made possible with the help of an electric charge that sparks a reaction to open the airbags with nitrogen gas. When airbags are deployed, they may leave smoke or powder, which is used to ensure that the airbags don’t stick together. Despite their many benefits, airbags still remain a safety concern, but it’s all about how you use them.

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