18 Feb

Brake fluid types

For several vehicles, there are various brake fluids that are appropriate. These brakes help a whole lot in the lubrication and maintenance of your brakes. It is important to note that your brake fluid play a very important role in how your brakes function.

There are three main types of brakes and each car manufacturer may recommend any of them based on the performance and functionality of the car. These types are DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5. DOT3 and DOT4 are regarded as glycerol based fluids while DOT5 is regarded as silicon based fluids.

Among these types of brake fluids, the major difference is that the DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid absorb water while the DOT5 brake fluid does not. The boiling point of these fluids is their major characteristics because these brakes rely on incompressible fluids to function properly. If the brake fluid is gaseous, it brake fluid loses its functionality.

As a driver, it is very important to know the type of brake fluid that your car needs and to know how to replace your brake fluid.

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