31 Mar

First Gen Infiniti FX35 engine power loss due to collapsed air filter

I drive a first gen Infiniti FX35. Some months ago I was returning from Lagos to  Warri. I decided to fill up my tank at the Benin bypass. Shortly after I left the station, I observed the throttle was less responsive than it had been throughout the drive. Eventually, the vehicle began to stall, and I lost all engine power. I tried repeatedly to get it started. It would crank and the die out. Eventually, it stopped cranking, and the warning lights began to illuminate and then dim out.

Infiniti FX35

My initial thought was that it was the fuel which I had just bought. I also felt the crank position sensor which is noted to be a problem on the Infiniti G series could have packed up. I tried to troubleshoot it and had to leave the car until the next day. The next day, I returned with a new fuel pump, a new battery, and mechanic who usually handles the vehicle.

While trying to troubleshoot the previous day, I observed the air flow intake filter was slightly out of position. I did not have the spanners to loosen the guard plates and also dismissed the possibility of air supply stalling my engine.

We hooked up the new battery and tested the old fuel pump. It checked out. It is important to note that the new battery eliminated the erratic warning light display. The fuel was also good. No water in it. At this point, I pointed out my observation of the air filter to my mechanic. After we took it out, the car rumbled back to life.

Over a number of service cycles, I had failed to change the air filter and just had it cleaned out as it was of a better quality than most of the ones we tried to procure locally. This forced me to identify where I could source original Nissan air filters locally, and the ride has been faultless ever since.

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  1. Kenzo

    March 31, 2016


    Wow. Important point to note here i think. that air filter position can kill the engine. and to think that your vehicle was stranded on that benin by-pass…
    Thanks for sharing. Nice ride too. I think one thing the infiniti did well is engine sound…to die for!

  2. Kenchi

    March 31, 2016


    Great article. the infiniti fx35 is a great car too. this observation shows that the problem could have been fixed on that same day you noticed it if you knew the air flow intake filter could stall your engine. and if you had spanners, (Y)

  3. nedu

    March 31, 2016


    Nice one,bet this can’t happen to you twice now,thanks for sharing

  4. babatunde

    March 31, 2016


    I am very surprise that air filter can stop engine not to crank. thanks 4 sharing ur experience

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