12 Feb

How and Why you should always fill your radiator with water.

As a car owner, it is very important that you know how and when to fill your radiator with water. At several points in time, you will need to add water to keep your engine from overheating. To effective do so, you have to pay attention to your dashboard and the temperature indicator whenever it indicates that your engine is overheating. At time point, you do not need to touch anything in your engine until your radiator has cooled down.

At this point, you have to locate where the radiator cap is and remove it once the temperature has gone down and fill the radiator with clean, drinkable water.

This process is very easy and it is important in other to prevent your car from overheating. Whenever your engine is overheated, it has the same pressure as a pressure cooker and as a driver or a car owner, you should never allow your engine to get so hot to this extent. On a daily or a weekly basis, you have to always check your radiation and ensure that it is always filled with water.

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