28 Apr

Important tips to note before driving out every day.

Always check the lights

Get in the habit of checking the lights so you are sure your car isn’t trying to warn you of a developing problem before you get on the road. It’s far better to notice a problem with engine heat or oil level before the car is moving than when it is barreling down the highway.

Always inspect the vehicle

It’s a good idea to take a quick look at the car’s exterior and interior before you get going each time. Looks for dents and scratches that are new, see if your tires look low, and make sure your windows and lights are clear of debris.

Always check your mirrors

A car’s mirrors are a wonderful tool for safety, but only if used properly. Mirrors let you see behind and to your sides with only a slight movement of your eyes or head, but if they are not calibrated to your height and head position, they will do you no good. Set your rearview mirror so you have a clear view of the area behind your car.

Always fasten your seat belts.

Seat belts save lives every day, and you should always fasten yours before your car starts moving, even if the trip is a local one.

Source: https://www.fordlincolncharlotte.com/blogs/594/car-safety-tips/4-things-you-should-always-do-before-you-start-driving/

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