20 Feb

Let’s discuss Automatic Transmissions

Automatic Transmission are mostly referred to as Self-shifting transmissions . It is a type of vehicle transmission that automatically shifts gears ratios as the vehicle is in motion which makes the driver free from having to shift this gears manually. In most vehicles, it allows the use of an internal combustion engine and most vehicles make use of what is called the hydraulic automatic transmission.

Aside this, there are also other types of transmissions which are the semi automatic transmission and the continuously variable transmission. The major advantage of the automatic transmission is the absence of a clutch pedal to change the gears manually. This type of gears allow the passenger to operate the vehicle with as low as two limits thereby allowing those vehicle physical disability to drive efficiently.

It also reduces the workload while driving. Such as taking your hands off the steering to change gears and consistently monitoring the tachometer while driving. It enables the driving to have full focus and concentration on the road and they can control the car easier than a manual transmission.

The primary disadvantage is reduced mechanical efficiency of the power transfer due to the fluid coupling connecting the engine to the gearbox thereby resulting in lower power/torque ratings for automatics compared to manuals with the same engine specs, as well as reduced fuel efficiency in city.

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