20 Feb

Let’s discuss manual transmission cars

In certain areas, manual transmission is most times referred to as stick shift. It is a type of transmission that is mostly used in motor vehicles. Manual transmission involves the use of a driver-operated clutch, which regulates the transfer of torque from the engine to the transmission and a gear selector which may be hand or foot operated.

A modern manual transmission car consists of 5 to 6 gear ratios. It is important to note that the reverse gear and neutral selection are not included in this number. There is an input shaft inside the transmission connected to the engine which turns the shaft while an output shaft sends its motion towards the wheels in order to turn them. Ideally, the input shaft is used to power-drive a set of gears which are normally called the countershaft gears

manual transmission cars

The main difference in size between the counter-shaft gear and the output gear solely depends on how your car drives. At Gear 1, a smaller gear tends to drive a larger one and provides the necessary torque needed to accelerate from a stop. At Higher gears, the larger gears tends to drive the smaller one or both gears may be the same size. This makes the vehicle move faster and keeps the engine speed low. That’s why whenever you are accelerating, the rpm rises but whenever you are moving to higher gears, the rpm drops.

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