2012 toyota highlander odour from air conditioning vent

2012 toyota highlander odour from air conditioning vent

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Majorchuka 7 Rep.

Hi guys, I drive a Toyota Highlander 2012, I always perceive a foul odour from my AC vent when I brake rapidly from speeds abover 70kmph. Has anyone else experienced this? What can I do to sort out this issue?

swift_autocare answered
nedu 127 Rep.

Since he said foul not burning I don’t think its the brake pad, since it works with brake
I don’t think it’s the ac evaporator either. You should check the valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket for leakages or probably change both to be on the safer side. All the best.

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Ebere 97 Rep.

A friend of mine had this same problem two months ago with his Toyota Highlander. He later discovered that this smell is coming from his overheated brakes. Have you been using your brakes a lot hard lately? If the foul smell you perceive from the AC vent smells like a burnt old newspaper,I think it means you should  check your brakes.

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swift_autocare 273 Rep.

I can deduce two point from the customers concern.

  1. He wanuts to solve outside odour from entering the car.
  2. He also want to get rid of the smelling odour.

Here is what your mechanic should look out for: Holes around the steering shaft column, holes aeound the A/C hose that is connected to the evaporator and most importantly what is the quality and condition of your A/C filter.

I can get youquality OEM A/C filter-12k

For concern 2: Inrespective of the quality of the brake pad the odur should not be pronounce to that extent. I am supecting brake binding. Let your mechanic remove the caliper and pad and check out symptoms.

The worst you get from bad brake pad is squeal sound and carbon deposit formation on the rim.

swift_autocare answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

the brakes/calipers might not be bad even, but the evaporator and air filter in the a/c system might be having a leak. confirm if you perceive strange odours once in a while while driving.

Kenzo answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

wow. for this to happen ONLY when you slam the brakes it’s quite confusing. I will go down two lines of investigation;

– If the smell is foul like eggs (sulfur), then somehow the catalytic converter is to blame, or some sub-efficient fuel burning process and or bad spec PMS. Many people have experienced this foul (sulfur) smell when “accelerating” though and not decelerating like you say. if your AC is on recirculate mode, this problem may also be coupled with a leak in your evaporator or vents that will cause the odour to get into the cabin

– If the smell is more of a burnt foul smell, like rubber or plastic burn, then it is likely to be your brake pad or caliper dragging the wheel. seeing as you perceive this with the a/c, then there is also probably a leak in the evaporator unit as well (the evaporator unit should be near the right front wheel. If you are also experiencing car and steering vibration while hard-braking, then this is the more likely problem. Get the calipers inspected soon.

you can share more info it might help

Kenzo answered


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