5 Advantages of owning an SUV

5 Advantages of owning an SUV

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All-weather capabilities. The availability of all- or four-wheel in an SUV offers improved handling and the extra weight of the vehicle provides also adds to its increased performance in bad weather driving.

Versatility. Other advantages of owning an SUV are its versatility and cargo space. Many new SUVs have available third-row seats that can either be taken out or folded down to provide you with extra seating or cargo space when you need it. The second-row seating of most SUVs can also be folded down to provide even more passenger and cargo configurations.

Safety. A SUVs increased ride height offers better visibility and improved handling which makes it a very safe vehicle to drive. Drivers are seated higher in an SUV so it’s easier to see the road and other traffic.

Extra seating. The average car can hold up to 5 people and we all know that that scenario isn’t comfortable inside of vehicle. When you drive a new SUV you can get added seating so you can haul around more than five passengers and still have room for cargo.

Towing. SUVs have more powerful engines than most cars so it makes towing a boat or trailer easy. Towing and hauling are just a few of the many advantages of owning an SUV.

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