Acura MDX 2007 AC not cooling on driver’s side of vents

Acura MDX 2007 AC not cooling on driver’s side of vents

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Kenzo 395 Rep.

hey guys… well, unfortunately every new post here means there is already a problem

this car ac only seems to be blowing cold from the vents on the passenger’s side while the vents on the driver’s side only blow like ambient temperature. someone please tell me it is a simple problem…

I havent done a scan or anything, just discovered this issue

Anyone experienced such? in other cars?

Kenzo answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

Hi Kenzo. sorry for the late response…

ACs have complex components, relays, switches and servomotors or something…

the simplest diagnosis is that you are low on refrigerant. there are other complex ones. try recharging gas (little qty since one side cools well) and then see if there is improvement. Also watch if the recharge you put in loses efficiency quickly, meaning you probably have a leak.

Unfortunately, many nigerian AC guys cannot detect leak with certainty…it is always guess work and after consumption of costly refrigerant they tell you “e be like say na hia”

lol. add some gas lets see, if you havent solved the problem already

Kenchi answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.


Kenzo answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

meant to say i topped it up with gas and it worked. The ac mechanic wanted to try assorted tricks but i insisted on simple solutions first and it paid off. thanks for the hint mr. kenchi

Kenzo answered


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