Avalon 2004 or BMW 2004 3series

Avalon 2004 or BMW 2004 3series

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stini 37 Rep.


I am newly married, without kids yet and planning on buying my very first car and my preference is the Avalon 2004 over BMW 2004 3series.

Can you kindly advice on which I should go for and what I should look at for at the point of purchase.


babatunde commented
Kenzo 395 Rep.

Congratulations on your achievements. More blessings on you and your family. My 2 cents : the Toyota us much much much much much easier to maintain. Im not talking about the cost of maintenance per se but the EASE! I have a 2000 model benz and not too long ago i know how long i waited in the market for compressor. But in the same shop i was waiting all the Japanese cars had compressors in cartons. Never had a bmw but i think the same problem may exist, especially as the models get older. Avalon is a luxury build. Strong and prestigious. You should enjoy it.

What to look for when buying? I’d suggest going with a mechanic to help you inspect. Can also go with a scan tool to see the car’s faults live. Check for funny sounds when the engine is on. Check for shock absorber efficiency and smoothness of handling during a test drive. Accelerate and check if the car jerks while switching gears. Check the brakes too (please do this before accelerating lol). Check the electronics and lights (functioning switches,  lights,  trafficators, wipers, ac). I would have said check mileage but that really doesn’t matter if all these other things are cool. Besides dem dey adjust mileage now o. No kidding.

If i think of something else i will let you know.  Good luck

Kenzo answered
maduemelie 21 Rep.

i think you should go for the Avalon, apart form the ease of maintenance and the availability of the parts, these should also come into consideration. Ride comfort,Driving ease,Overall refinement, Interior space.

maduemelie answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

lol. big daddy is probably easier to maintain or more common but the avalon is more prestigious. if you find both at same price, go for the one in a better condition

Kenchi answered
finalvini 105 Rep.

For me i don’t see much luxury difference in the two. the avalon will most likely come with leather seats, gps navigation (which is of zero value in Nigeria my country), finer interior (beauty is in the eye of….). All of these are not worth the maintenance risk (to me).

as far as the big daddy is neat, Ac is working (very important), has electronic windows and side mirror adjustments. it’s a pass for me.

finalvini answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

nothing much to add, i quite agree with kenzo

Kenchi answered


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