Avalon 2004 or BMW 2004 3series

Avalon 2004 or BMW 2004 3series

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stini 37 Rep.


I am newly married, without kids yet and planning on buying my very first car and my preference is the Avalon 2004 over BMW 2004 3series.

Can you kindly advice on which I should go for and what I should look at for at the point of purchase.


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Lanks 63 Rep.

I’ll agree with kenzo. its safer to buy a Japanese car because you have easier access to parts and a long list of mechanics who what they are doing.

as for what to look out for;

Mileage, make sure you test drive it, listen to the engine ( i heard a good engine brings of steam in the mornings), make sure there is no smoke coming from the exhaust. and of course the price 🙂

Lanks answered
donshishi 36 Rep.

my 10 cent advice for you:

I will advice you go for the Avalon over the BMW as your first car. you can add the bmw to your fleet later.

Get the chassis number of the vehicle and get a full report of the vehicle to know the history of the car including accident and flooding, maintenance record.

if this comes out good, do a physical check on the vehicle and look for traces of flooding, accidents and any part recently replaced.

Get a good and trusted mechanic to help you ascertain the condition of the vehicle through a physical inspection and test driving.

donshishi answered
maduemelie 21 Rep.

i think you should go for the Avalon, apart form the ease of maintenance and the availability of the parts, these should also come into consideration. Ride comfort,Driving ease,Overall refinement, Interior space.

maduemelie answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

nothing much to add, i quite agree with kenzo

Kenchi answered


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