i drive 2003 toyota camry le 2.4 IT keep vibrating once rmp idle fall below 1 to 0 once the engine is hot

i drive 2003 toyota camry le 2.4 IT keep vibrating once rmp idle fall below 1 to 0 once the engine is hot

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bigben 5 Rep.

i drive 2003 toyota camry le 2.4

i have problem with idle turn down its self in between 1 and 0 once the engine is hot not overheating per say, so once i engage it on drive on a triffic experience vibration on the     engine and body it only happens when d rpm idle drop down below 1 to 0, i have all most change the all changable this after scan starting from fuel pump .cleaning of throtle body down to sensors still the rpm stil drop down below 1 to 0 then i will experience vibrating  . caN SOMEONE HELP COS I CANT USE AC IT MAKE VIBRATE MORE


swift_autocare answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

yo “bigben , bem’s response make sense. have you tried the suggestions? share the outcome if possible

Kenchi answered
swift_autocare 273 Rep.

oga Sir, rough idling or poor engine performance does not need you to change every thing in the car.eTroubleshooting must be considered with steps to pinpoint concerns. Secondary check to primary cause..


  1. Air cleaner condition
  2. Check for air leak
  3. Foul sparks plugs/coil
  4. Fuel pressure/clog fuel filter – weak fuel pump
  5. Emission control input sensor – Scan will determine that.

NOTE: The use of wrong spark plug on cars will even reduce more the engine performance. Because it is out of heat range specification which in turn affects the coil.

swift_autocare answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

you could be having electrical leakage from the coil. or an air inflow problem. these are my two thoughts. open the hood in the night and open the engine cover. start the car and check for sparks… that’s sign of electrical leaks. if fixing that doesn’t work, get a mechanic to check your air filters and the air intake valve.

Kenzo answered
mite 21 Rep.

Every vehicle should have its engine tuned up and decarbonized every 20000miles. This is exactly what you should do to solve this problem.

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mite answered
nedu 127 Rep.

I agree with you bem

nedu answered


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