Earth starting

Earth starting

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tosenforever 13 Rep.

I am currently experiencing earth starting (delay starting), especially in the afternoon on my Toyota Corolla 2007. Kindly help out.



Kenzo answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

lol at afternoon. battery may be weak though. and kick starter may be faulty. worth getting someone to take a look at them. easy to test your battery with a multimeter if you have one.

to diagnose fuel pump function, turn the ignition to psoition I (ie dont start the car). listen immediately for fuel pump sound by bending to just beneath your fuel tank under the car. if you dont hear any sound, the fuel pump may be having skonsko – if your battery is good. your car might have a pretty silent fuel pump though so this test may not be conclusive. hope this helps

Kenzo answered
Lanks 63 Rep.

I don’t think there is any relationship between the time of the day and the starting problem. Unless your car uses a carburettor :-))

It might be that your battery is          weak.

Lanks answered
swift_autocare 273 Rep.

when you mean afternoon, what i understand is hot weather. if you re experiencing this. Here are likely checks for as long as you dont have a circuitry or electrical/electronic component issues.

your mechanice check out for the below list.

  1. car battery – weak
  2. make sure the kick starter not malfunctioning
  3. weak fuel pump
  4. foul spark plug/coil
  5. scan/datalogger – for powertrain input sensors like: MAP, IAT, MAF CKP/CMP ETC
swift_autocare answered


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