Emergency warning triangles

Emergency warning triangles

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Emergency warning triangles are just one item to help alert traffic and other drivers that they should be aware of something ahead. Other helpful items are road flares, bright reflective clothing or safety vests, and your four way flashers. Highways and roadsides can be dangerous places, and many accidents occur due to broken down, disabled, or otherwise stopped vehicles in or near the lane of travel. In order to stay safe it is always best to err on the side of caution and move away from your vehicle until you are sure you will not be hit by any on coming traffic.

What is an Emergency Warning Triangle?
Emergency warning triangles are bright in color with reflective tape to catch headlights or the sun, a few collapsible emergency warning triangles are a good investment for your vehicles emergency supply kit. These take up a minimal amount of space and can really come in handy to keep you safe on the road. Sets of emergency warning triangles can be found at many automotive parts stores or in the automotive section of some department stores. These are a fairly inexpensive way to make sure you have a method of alerting people of danger and keeping yourself safe on the road.

Emergency warning triangles can be a good way to provide an early alert for others to be aware of what is up ahead in the roadway. These can be used solo or in tandem with more triangles or other safety tools. Your safety is the most important issue, more so than the safety of your vehicle, and any steps you can take to prevent injury or accident should be taken. No matter how many steps you take to ensure your safety, it is always important to maintain awareness of your surroundings and the behavior of other drivers on the road.

When to use an Emergency Warning Triangle
If you need to stop your vehicle on the shoulder of the road, or if your vehicle is broken down in or near traffic, you should use a warning signal to alert other drivers. Activate the four way flashers on your vehicle, which signals the attention of people driving by. Only exit your vehicle when it is safe to do so, preferably wearing a bright reflective vest. Often the collapsible triangles come in sets of a few, and it does not hurt to utilize as many as you have. Place the first warning triangle approximately 20-30 yards behind your vehicle, and any further triangles another 10-15 yards beyond the first one. If your car is stopped around a blind corner where it would be difficult for drivers to see, it would be best to place at least one triangle prior to the curve to given traffic an advanced warning.

By taking a few simple steps and keeping a set of emergency warning triangles in your vehicle you can greatly improve your safety and reduce the likelihood that a secondary accident will occur or you will be hit while parked on the shoulder or near moving traffic.

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