Right Engine Oil for Toyota Corolla 2004

Right Engine Oil for Toyota Corolla 2004

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jambalo 3 Rep.

what is the best engine oil for a Toyota crorolla 05, give that the recommend oil grade of 5w20 is not suitable here

nedu answered
nedu 127 Rep.

Heard mobil oil is good for toyota. That’s all I know

nedu answered
Ladams 125 Rep.

check the cover where you use as inlet for the engine oil you will find the oil spec there.

Ladams answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

5w30 is the recommended oil. It is available and suitable here in Nigeria. Mobil 1 is an example. Also check the recommended oil for other specs eg sae grade and api sd se sf etc grade. Even if you dont want to use mobil 1 ensure to use oils that meet those minimum spec ie sae and api.  You can chill on the 5w30 as winter no dey naija

Kenzo answered
finalvini 105 Rep.

What do you mean By “is not suitable here”

I think the oil is 5w30 not 20

The 5w is for winter conditions and the 30  is for summer conditions.

Which 30 is just about the average outside temperature

finalvini answered


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