Honda EOD 2003

Honda EOD 2003

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Teddy Smith 15 Rep.

Hello All,

Please I have an issue with my car. Whenever I change gear from P to R/D, it vibrates/jerks. Also, when I accelerate and the gear changes from a lower to a higher gear, it jerks too. Then I have my ABS light. Kindly assist, thanks.

donshishi answered
swift_autocare 273 Rep.

This is what i can deduce from your explanation (concerns) above:

This sound more like an engine mount(seat) or mechanical related concern with your transmission since you don’t have a check engine light display.

  1. Here is my advice let your mechanic check your transmission fluid condition and level.
  2. Check all engine mount surrounding your engine and transmission and replace as necessary.
  3. For ABS LIGHT  run a scan on the system.
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donshishi 36 Rep.

Replace your engine mount as soon as possible before it affects your transmission. you have one at the power steering pump side closer to the rotors, you have one at the back of the engine, another one at the front and one underneath the vehicle (driver side)

donshishi answered
stanleemax 8 Rep.

The ENGINE and TRANSMISSION Mounts are all bad! Replace them asap!

Kenchi commented
Kenzo 395 Rep.

i used to have a similar problem on my 2000 c280 benz. i was told the gear was a “manual automatic” gear system so the jerk was relatively normal. it never broke down though. still, it will be good to check out this seating as suggested… let us know what you find out

Kenzo answered


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