How to prevent tire problems

How to prevent tire problems

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If you are looking to maximise the life of your tyres and achieve optimal performance from your vehicle we suggest the following:

1. Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated

In most cases inflation issues occur because of under-inflation. This increases the daily wear on the shoulder of a tyre and means that it degrades prematurely. Moreover, vehicle handling becomes sluggish and unresponsive when under-inflation occurs. In some cases tyres are over-inflated which also inhibits vehicle handling and causes excessive wear on the centre strip of a tyre.

2. Don’t overload your vehicle

It is illegal to overload a vehicle and any trailers joined. You will need to be mindful of exactly how much your vehicle can load and avoid exceeding this. If you overload a vehicle increased strain is placed upon the tyres which raises temperatures, causes rapid wear and significantly heightens the risk of receiving impact damage that leads to premature failure. Consult your vehicle handbook to find pressures should you need to fully load your vehicle.

3. Manage your speed

Driving at speeds over long and short distances causes tyre temperatures to increase, which in some cases can lead to tyre damage. If you fail to have your tyres correctly inflated driving at high speeds also increases the likelihood of sudden tyre failure and rapid loss of air. If you want to maximise the life of your tyres observe speed limits and avoid aggressive acceleration/deceleration.

Unfortunately many tyre problems are unavoidable. You can check your tyres regularly but still fall foul of an errant nail, piece of metal or a pesky pothole. However, if you follow our guidelines and look out for tell-tale signs of potential problems you will already be going a long way to ensuring that you get the longest life possible out of your tyres.

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