Mercedec C class C180 transmission [Solved]

Mercedec C class C180 transmission [Solved]

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ayodele 14 Rep.

I drive a benz C180 (2003) Automatic. All of a sudden the gear wont transmit. It does not change frm gear 1. To others like 2,3,4,5. I hv visited sm shops and spent lots of money with the hope it will work but has not. Fimally i was advised to chang the gear frm electric to cable. Does anybody have an idea of what i can do cos my car has been grounded since January.

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tunde 28 Rep.

You need to get a mechanic to run a diagnostic scan on the vehicle (preferably with an MB Star equipment) You can submit the codes here and let me help you.

Before that let me explain a few things to you. Your vehicle is equipped with a MB 722.5 Transmission. It has an electric conductor plate made of plastic with printed circuit on it(for its circuitry) on the valve body assembly that is located in the transmission and can be accessed from the oil sump. Over time this plastic could crack and cause disconnection and lead to this problem your experiencing.

The transmission goes into limp mode (emergency mode) to avoid damage.

This is lost likely what your experiencing. Do not replace the transmission, it rarely goes bad.

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Kenchi 196 Rep.

nice post Tunde, this is very insightful

Kenchi answered
ayodele 14 Rep.

Hello mr Tunde, Waoo finally im getting some meaningful solution. Can u kindly let me knw how to locate ur store if u have one in lagos. So i can come with the car. Thank you Mr Tunde

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