Nissan Maxima 1996 Stalled While Driving [Solved]

Nissan Maxima 1996 Stalled While Driving [Solved]

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stini 37 Rep.

My 1996 Maxima shuts off at stop signs or when am not driving fast, what could be the problem? Engine shuts of for no reason while driving. Sometimes it picks up when I shift to neutral and start but goes off again immediately I shift to Drive unless I have to rev it for few seconds.

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stini 37 Rep.

Hello buddies, I got the stalling issue fixed finally. Like finalvini suggested I decided to change the Air flow meter and camshaft sensor first. Camshaft sensor cost 3k and Air flow meter 4k from ladipo. I no know whether dem cheat me for price o. But once the Air flow meter was changed car felt like engine was overhauled. Both engine sound and response and it’s been 2 days now no stalling or hard starting. Decided to install the new camshaft sensor since I already bought it. In all spent like 10k.

Thanks guys for the input. Appreciate your work here. Let’s keep it up.

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Kenchi 196 Rep.

i agree with finalvini. when  last did you service the vehicle? get your mechanic to clean your spark plugs and your air intake manifold and filter. a shortcut is to increase idling speed…but it is best to check the engine performance and remove wearing factors first.

Kenchi answered
finalvini 105 Rep.

There are several causes..

Idle speed is incorrect

Fuel filter clogged and/or water and impurities in the fuel system

Ignition components damp or damaged

Faulty emissions system components

Faulty or incorrectly gapped plugs

Faulty spark plug wires

Vacuum leak in the fuel injection system, intake manifold or vacuum hoses

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