Range rover vogue 04′ air suspension problem

Range rover vogue 04′ air suspension problem

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I have a range rover vogue 2004 model, it’s been serving me for a while now But it suddenly developed an air suspension problem.

The two front balloons don’t rise. They stay deflated and it really makes the drive uncomfortable.

I have taken it to several mechanics who use diagnostic tools to clear the error. It rises immediately but falls before I get back home.

Kenchi answered
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This may not be an answer but i can say that the balloons of the range rover have a reputation for leaking. some old mechanics know how to handle this very well. they can even use parts from luxury buses (they use same balloon technology) to fix the range rovers. best advice is to find a solid mechanic that is as old as your vehicle 🙁 and that knows the tricks. a good mechanic should be able to solve the problem. otherwise, there is also a konjah they can do: they change the balloons to spring shock absorber. this will take away the effizzy of the automatic rise and fall of the car but will give less trouble. it is also less safe cos the balloon suspension alters height of the jeep to give it a lower center of gravity when necessary… so if you over speed with the spring suspension…oyo is ya case.

somebody tell me if i’m wrong but i think it is quite difficult to do good maintenance in nigeria… so if you can’t find a good mechanic with a good solution, change the vehicle.

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