Things to do before you start your car.

Things to do before you start your car.

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There is some etiquette that needs to be practiced as part of your driving skills.
Cars are machines and need to be taken care of for good performance. Lot of attention is required, if not in detail but to the minimum level failing which a car can give you nightmares. Treat your car as your best friend and give proper attention. The returns will be peace of mind and the machine will never ditch you when it is in demand during any crucial moment.

What are the important things to be checked?
It is very important to check where you park and how you park the car! Many people park their car in the garage or parking slot by simply entering in the driving direction, which is bad practice. It may be a convenient option after a long journey or a tiring office day. But the best suggested parking practice is to do a reverse parking always. It won’t consume much of your time to do a reverse parking. Think about the convenience that you get when you would take your car the next morning!
During parking, make sure all the lights are switched off. Ensure you and passengers can easily get out of the car and that there is enough walking or moving space around the car. Once you want to start your car again, have a look around your car. It is important to check all the tires are in good condition and that the air pressure is also of required level. Now the second part is, open the engine bonnet and check for three things, which are very important. Check the oil level by pulling out the engine oil gauge and the power transmission oil gauge. Do check the brake fluid level, radiator water level and battery water level.
Make sure that the signal light, brake lights and head lights are all working properly. If the head light, break light and signal lights are not in working condition, check their fuse connection. It is easy to change it by ourselves.

A car with perfect indicator lights, head lights and brake lights are extremely important to save you from impending dangers and it will also save other vehicles around you when in motion

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