Where can i tint my windows in Lagos?

Where can i tint my windows in Lagos?

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Chidike 3 Rep.

Please I had this tint on my windows before but I took them off before I could get a tint permit. But now I have the permit and want to tint my windows again. I live in Surulere does anyone know where I can get this done? Thanks

finalvini answered
finalvini 105 Rep.

Just as kenzo said..

It’s a panel beaters job. Just ask a panel guy close to you. I’m sure they are in surulere

finalvini answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

this can be done in any of the major car parts markets in lagos: Ladipo market in mushin, near oshodi should be the biggest and best place to get someone asap.

If you have a panel beater, he might be able to hook you up with someone that will come to your house to do it.

Kenzo answered


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