help with My toyota corolla 06 sport

help with My toyota corolla 06 sport

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miq03 3 Rep.

I just changed the oil and oil filter of my Toyota corolla  06 today. My mechanic top the radiator coolant (water) too. And now(few hours later the car is hard to start and when it does eventually start it goes off when I pu it to drive. Please does anyone know what could be wrong?

Kenchi answered
Kenchi 196 Rep.

i suspect the connector coils. were the spark plugs cleaned/changed too? maybe they were not placed properly. take it back to that mechanic to check what he did.

Kenchi answered
motosmart 26 Rep.

do you have a check engine light on your dashboard (instrument cluster)? if yes, run a scan, also as said in one of the answers above, you may have a sensor connector not properly fixed or carelessly removed and not replaced by the mechanic. check your air intake manifold for leaks, your idle control solenoids also. most likely culprits..

motosmart answered
autologic 11 Rep.

they will need to check all the connector very well probably somewhere was disconnected and not properly connected wen the mechanic was working on the car .or you can scan the scar probably it was just a coincidence.
U can call autologic @ 08061166316 for comprehensive diagnostics .

autologic answered
swift_autocare 273 Rep.

Here are recommended checks:

  1. Check are efefficient is your car battery
  2. Check for foul plugs
  3. Check for weak fuel pump
  4. Clog fuel line – fuel filter
  5. Clog injector nozzle
  6. Leak air around manifold
  7. Malfunction Idle valve solenoid
swift_autocare answered


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