Toyota Corolla Vibrating While Idle

Toyota Corolla Vibrating While Idle

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evsonlive 45 Rep.

My neighbours toyota corolla vibrates while idle on drive and reverse position and this gets worse when AC is on,  we checkd the plugs it is okay, changed gear seat and yet no improvmnt pls help

Karokesty answered
Ladams 125 Rep.

this goes beyond the changed plugs or engine seat. it could be the idle air control system. also will like to know if the car stalls on acceleration

Ladams answered
Karokesty 46 Rep.

rough idling occurs due to poor sparks from spark plugs to ignite and burn the air/fuel mixture in the cylinder, which can be cause by either the plugs or the coils, but if these check out then it’s a poor intake problem as the engine might not be getting enuff air to burn the fuel delivered to the cylinders since at idle most cars run “rich”.. You don’t feel the vibration when you’re driving cause at that point your car is running “lean” but if you are very observant you should perceive fuel from the exhaust smoke and your car wont be as smart as it use to cause there is a drop in horse power. This is cause by either a faulty MAF, a broken air hose or bad intake valve.

Karokesty answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

I am having a similar problem with my honda civic 2008 model. I bought brand new recommended spark plugs and the problem significantly reduced. it only rarely vibrates when i come to a halt from a relatively high speed. Any thoughts anyone?

Kenzo answered


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