toyota water spray for wiper

toyota water spray for wiper

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nedu 127 Rep.

Guys the water spray for my moms car wiper is not working well. Only one side  sprays ,is there anything I can do to it or I just have to replace it

Kenzo answered
Kenzo 395 Rep.

one side sprays, you are in good luck, cos the pump is still good. trace the hose beneath the other side that doesnt spray. you may find it is cut. or open the bonnet and activate the spray, you may see the water pouring somewhere random inside the engine space. then fix the hose connection with tape or glue or some added rubber hose… even a copper pipe section…


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Kenzo commented
nneka 46 Rep.

I think you should try and see if the hole is blocked,use a needle or broom to poke it.

nneka answered


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