I recently noticed my car fuel guage is naw very deceptiv,it all started when I fixed my car ac,I waz told to buy 1k fuel dats 10l+ as at den, I bought d fuel nd after like 20mins of running d car at a place ooh I didn’t driv it out,den d nxt monin we tried startin d car it steamed nd immediatly stopped jst as if dia is no fuel in d car again nd d fuel guage is showing dia is enuf fuel in d car no reserv light sef,I went nd bought another fuel nd d car started confortably eva since den I drive blind cus the car can go off at anytime cus I dnt evn no d actual guage of my fuel plz any1 who hav had such experinc shud help
Note;the fuel guage is working oo but it doesn’t get to the end as it used to it doesn’t even reach to the place it will evn show light.

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