How many times have you been in a parking lot with someone and the driver parks their vehicle in direct summer sun when a fully functional spot of shade sits less than a stone’s throw away? You don’t want to tell them where or how to park their ride, but how much trouble could it be?

1. To avoid smell of burnt leather
It’s a hot topic for sure, but burnt thighs and rear-ends on leather is one of the worst experiences you can have in summer outside of going face-first down a slip-and-slide that doesn’t have any water on it. Do yourself and your nether regions a favor and park your car well out of direct sunlight, because even if you aren’t wearing a short skirt chances are that someone will at some point singe themselves.

2. TO avoid hotness of steering wheel
However, you can always put a towel or an extra T-shirt down in order to drive home. But that leather wrapped steering wheel, on the other hand, becomes a Johnny Cash-sized burning ring of fire after so many hours of contact with direct sunlight, so if you want to spare those fingertips, steer clear of open lots and opt for some shade instead.

3. TO avoid wearing out of paint
Ever seen a car that looks like it has sat out in the sun for too long, slowly becoming more faded than Charlie Sheen during a Vegas trip in 1988? Cars that sit out in the elements for long periods of time are prone to all sorts of issues, and while fresh paint that’s blistering and peeling isn’t cheap, neither is realizing that your dash is cracked and all of your seats are faded.