25 Mar

Taking care of your car interior.

These steps outlined here are very sure steps to guarantee the best car interior for you

1. Start with a vacuum

Don’t start by vacuuming the carpet when you decide to clean your car interior; you’ll just end up pushing dirt back on when you clean the seats. Instead, start by attacking the dashboard, door panels, and console with your vacuum.

2. Open the door

Now take a look at the doorjamb, the area where your car door connects to the body of the car. “Door jambs are one of the first parts of a car you see when you get in, so keep them clean,”

3. Wipe down the vinyl

To get dust and dirt off your dashboard and door insides, start by wiping the vinyl with a rag. Then spritz a microfiber cloth with vinyl cleaner and wipe down the surface, getting rid of the excess with a dry cloth. Just avoid the steering wheel, because vinyl cleaner can make it slippery and hard to hold on to.

4. Wash your windows

When you roll down your windows, you might notice a buildup of dirt toward the top—don’t forget to hit those edges when you wipe down your windows and mirrors.

5. Scrub those seats

Before washing seats, get the dirt off with a vacuum. Next, for cloth seats, work at a spray-on cleaner with a scrub brush. If your seats are leather or vinyl, use a lotion-based leather cleaner.

6. Hit the floor

Finally, it’s time for the floors. Start by removing the mats and sliding your seats forward—junk tends to build up behind them. Go over the mats and carpet with a brush-free attachment.

Source: https://www.rd.com/home/cleaning-organizing/car-interior-cleaning/

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