12 Feb

What you need to know about car waxing

If you love to wash your car, which obviously, you need to love doing it, you may or may not have taken car waxing into consideration yet. The question you may ask here is, what is car waxing?

Wax is referred to as hard hydrocarbon at room temperature and its major aim is to protect your car against nasty particles from the air. Water, rain and several other particles that your vehicle may come in contact with have a lot of pollutants which may in turn damage the pain of your car in the long run. The best way to avoid this is to you wax your bodywork and make it hydrophobic.

Car Waxing makes the vehicle body to repel water and also makes it harder for air pollutants to deposit all over your car. It also protects against UV rays. This means that you may not even need to wash your car so often.

It is very important to you apply wax in small and even circles without adding too much or adding too small. Proper waxing of your car is bound to last for a very long time. It is not difficult and it is not expensive.

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