15 Mar

What you need to know about Honda

Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and power equipment and it has grown over the years to be one of the largest manufacturers of internal combustion engines since 1959.

The company was founded by Soichiro Honda in the year 1946 and over time, they were able to expand to greater heights by pioneering the manufacture of several equipment and engines. Their cars and motorcycles have generated a huge amount of revenue of them and have gone ahead to make waves all over the world.

When it comes to engines, brands like Honda have stood out over the years and have made a very good name for themselves. As a company, they are the very first Japanese brand to release a dedicated luxury brand in 1986 widely known as Acura.

They have a lot of top selling vehicles which includes The Honda Accord which has been seen as one of the highest selling sedans in the United States and other arts of the world. The Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda CR-V and Honda Pilot.

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