20 Apr

What you need to know about Japanese Car manufacturers.

Japan has one of the largest and one of the most prominent car manufacturing industries in the world. Over the years, the car manufacturing industry in Japan has grown rapidly with leading brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki etc. leading the marketplace. Currently, Japan stands as the third largest automotive producer in the world due to the fact that they produce over 9.9million vehicle annually.

It all started in the early 1900s when several business conglomerates began building their own commercial vehicles or partnering with European manufacturers to sell their cars in Japan. To this day, Japanese cars have won several awards, stood the test of time and have gained a worldwide influence because of their affordability and reliability.

A lot of other non-Japanese car manufacturing companies like Ford and GM also have their factories in Japanese. This is because the Japanese car industry has been seen as a a buoyant economy and these companies also need to partake in the growth of this economy.

In the 2000s, Japan became the largest car manufacturing country in the world until China overtook them. Currently Japan is the third largest country in the world and automobile exporting still remains the cornerstone of the Japanese economy.

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